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Medical care
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The consultation can be carried out in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese

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About SIHA

SIHA was created with the aim of being able to support patients, promote health, answer their questions and concerns in their medical life, provide reliable information by an experienced practitioner.

It often happens that abroad or while traveling, we need to be referred or reassured about any situation requiring or not medical care.

Whether it's a question about your blood test, a second opinion, support on your mental health, you will find the answer to your request.

Being able to rely on a practitioner who cares about your well-being and your good health is one of the objectives of Siha Medical.

Don't let your health become a burden anymore. Find the assurance of a family doctor from your home. You are guaranteed to be followed by one doctor to optimize your health.

He will accompany you throughout your travels.

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Our Medical director

  • Our choice naturally felt on Dr Radjabaly, graduated from the University of Bordeaux (France).

  • He has a wealth of experience around the world in isolated environment, in hospitasl or in a private practice and is used to treating urgent care and/or chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, endocrine diseases...)

  • His network of professionals with whom he is used to working will allow him to take optimal care of your request for care (cardiology, orthopaedics, etc.)

  • Possible interview in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese.


How can we help you?

Emergency medical advice

Interpretation of blood test

Follow-up of chronic diseases

2nd medical opinion

Interpretation of electrocardiogram

Travel advice

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